Royal Caribbean Gold Anchor Standards Deliver the WOW!

Gold Anchor Standards

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Our crew members take pride in themselves, and in representing Royal Caribbean International; they maintain the highest professional standards, and exemplify Royal standards in their overall appearance and attitude.

Just Be Yourself

Your friends say you're outgoing and fun; your parents say you're wonderful and smart… What do your guests say about you? Our guests expect an extraordinary vacation experience, an essential part of which are friendly crew members who represent our company well, and who have a positive, service-oriented attitude at all times. If you enjoy being around people, you already know that courtesy and a big smile can go a long way. Delivering the Wow to our guests begins with the basics - just be yourself charming self!

Looking Sharp!

Personify the Wow! Here are some tips our crew members keep in mind to ensure they look the part:

Personal Hygiene:

As representatives of our company, we expect our employees to always give our guests the impression of self-confidence, poise and pride, by keeping personal and oral hygiene a top priority at all times.

Perfumes and Fragrances:

Some fragrances can be overpowering, to avoid offending our guests, any perfume, cologne or after-shave should be light and fresh.


We prefer a tasteful and natural look; women who choose to wear makeup and / or nail polish should select products that complement their skin tone, facial features, and uniform.

Tattoos and Piercings:

In order to portray a professional and hospitable image, we ask our employees to cover any visible tattoos when in uniform. Also, we ask them to refrain from displaying body piercings, except for the ladies, who are welcome to wear one simple, small, and elegant pair of earrings.

Hair and Hairstyles:

As hospitality professionals, we expect our staff to keep a "business-like" hair style. In other words hair should be natural colored, clean, and combed. For men, hair should be no longer than collar length. A well-trimmed beard or moustache is acceptable so long as the beard or moustache is fully-grown at sign-on. For women, hair longer than collar length should be pulled back neatly and away from the face.


As a team, we like to project a consistent and professional image; this is why we have carefully chosen a uniform for each position onboard. Uniforms must be clean, pressed and in good repair at all times. But don't worry, looking your best is easy onboard Royal Caribbean International, since all company logo uniform items are repaired and laundered at no cost to you. And don’t forget to match your uniform with the appropriate business-like shoes!